6 String Ranch and Austin Vintage Guitars Present:

Beyond the Basics — One-Day Songwriting Workshop with Darden Smith
June 23, 2018
Austin, Texas

This tworkshop covers a lot of ground, looking at the basics of the craft, as well as the possibilities of where each participant can go with their songs. I combine nuts-and-bolts lessons learned from my years of writing with the tools for putting inspiration into practice. You’ll leave with a new appreciation of your strengths and talents, concrete ways to improve as a writer.

Saturday morning — The basics: A look at verse/chorus/bridge structure, rhyme scheme, the value of a good hook, economy of words, melody, starting the song from scratch, the rewrite, dealing with writer’s block, etc.

Saturday afternoon — Look a little deeper: What story do I need to tell? Am I telling the truth? How do I get to the heart of the song?

Price — $300

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